Why You Should Never Own Music


We all love the look of our music collection sitting on the shelf, don’t we? Or the number of scrolls it takes to get to the end of your music library on your computer or music player. We are musical beings, and we enjoy owning the things that make us most happy. But I’m here to tell that owning music is downright dumb, at least in today’s world.

Yes, I know, this is blasphemy. You can’t get vinyl sound quality and experience from an iPod! You can’t just sit there and look at streaming music covers all day while jamming out to your favorites. Where is the nostalgia? Calm down. We are merely saying that music is better used in today’s capacity streamed over a network or downloaded from the Cloud.

Before you say that your music collection is so rare that you can’t find it anywhere online, double check. Have you been online lately? There is nothing you can’t find. If for some reason you can’t find your music on there, upload your collection to the World Wide Web and share with other folks who have equally excellent taste. Better yet, when you upload your music collection, you’re essentially making it immortal. No fire, hard drive crash, theft or crazy ex-girlfriend can prevent you from accessing your music from the Cloud.

The Cloud is a magnificent, illustrious thing that has been confusing parents and grandparents since its invention. Really, all you need to know is that your music is stored in a safe place and you can access it from any device. If you have an album you absolutely have to have, download it and save it to your Cloud. If you want to save your music collection and not take up your hard drive space, upload it all to the cloud. Then if anything happens to your music player, computer or physical collection, you don’t have to cry too long.


Streaming music is also one of the best inventions of our time for the music aficionado. You can explore brand new music and tell all your friends you heard the band online before they were famous. You can find classics and genres based on your mood. Essentially, you can curate a music library without ever going into debt or jamming up your hard drive. We’ve all been there- that new album you really want is obscenely expensive, or you have to decide which of your bands to cut from your iPod just so you have enough space. Don’t pick favorites, just pick a good streaming service.

Hopefully after reading this, you’re ready to ditch traditional music purchases. Sure, if you collect vinyl it may be a good idea to continue purchasing the physical album. However, thanks to new technology, you can save that music to the Cloud and access it wherever you go. Don’t be a hipster, and leave the record player at home.