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The Musikethos.org project stems from the idea of promoting the musical creations and interpretations of a group of artists intending to gain a heterogeneous international audience through the free distribution of recordings not available on the market. In one year of existence, users have downloaded from Musikethos.org more than 500 Gigabytes of free, legal music.

In addition to digital recordings, Musikethos.org also promotes the live performances of its musicians.

The pieces and performances that you will find in the Download section can be downloaded for free, thanks to the Creative Commons licences. Among these, Musikethos has chosen the authorization model allowing the user private copy and distribution rights for non-commercial ends, as long as the piece’s integrity and paternity are respected.

If you wish to know more about our project, please see our Mission Statement. Please consider subscribing to our newsletter (see the Newsletter box on the left of the page). This will allow us to promptly alert you when making additions to our music archive and upcoming concerts.

Performers and composers interested in participating to the project can contact us for further details. The same procedure applies to those wishing to propose other projects or forms of collaborations. Please note that performers and composers are required to pay an annual association fee.

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