Patrizia Bovi

Patrizia Bovi

Beginning the study of music at an early age, Assisi-born Patrizia Bovi enrolls at the F. Morlacchi Conservatory in Perugia, studying voice under the guidance of Maestro Sergio Pezzetti. Focusing on both medieval and renaissance music, she works with the Milan-based Alia Musica Ensemble and follows Master Classes on ancient vocality.

Monteverdi and the Italian 16th and 17th Century music constitute the core of her repertoire, as she sings Monteverdi’s “Il “Ballo delle Ingrate” and “Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda”, Marco da Gagliano’s “La Dafne” directed by Giancarlo Cobelli, J. Peri’s “Le musiche sopra l’Euridice”, directed by Lucia Poli and S. Landi’s “La morte di Orfeo”.

In 1984, with Adolfo Broegg, Goffredo degli Esposti and Gabriele Russo, Bovi founds the Micrologus Ensemble, dedicated to the research and interpretation of medieval music. With the group she presents her work in numerous performances and shows in Italy and abroad. Meanwhile, she also follows courses of musicology held by F.A. Gallo, A. Ziino, N. Pirrotta, G. Cattin, J. Nadas and studies notation with Veronique Daniels.

In 1990 she joins the Giovanna Marini Quartet and participates to all of her performances and tours.

Patrizia Bovi’sdownloads

With the Organum Ensemble, she participates at the creation of the “Laudario di Cortona” in 1997, directed by Marcel Perès for the Citè de la Musique in Paris.

In 1998 she begins a collaboration with Dinko Fabris on 16th Century Neapolitan villanellas. The project will lead to the production of a cd (“Napolitane” Opus 111 1999) and a show featuring -among others- Pino de Vittorio at the Cappella della Pietà de’ Turchini, that wins the Golden Diapason for the year 1999.

In 1999 -with the Micrologus Ensenble and the Giovanna Marini quartet- she gives birth to the “Il Cantico della Terra” project, that will then become a show and a cd (Opus 111 Naive). The cd -alternating Laudas with pieces from the fraternal oral tradition- is designated “Record of the Year” by Goldberg magazine.

In 2000, Bovi participates at Marco Paolini’s performance “I Tigi Canto per Ustica” aired on Rai2 in July. With the Micrologus Ensemble, she records for the first time the “Laudario di Cortona”.

Starting in 2001, Bovi has been resident fellow at the Royaumont Foundation for a research, teaching and production project on Adam de la Halle, in collaboration with the Sorbonne University in Paris, Saint Denis and the University of Naples. The project has made possible the first production -in original language and integral version- of Adam la Halle’s “Le Jeu de Robin et Marion”, directed by J.F. Dusigne. The show toured France, Spain and Italy in 2003.

In 2002 she works with Gilberte Casabianca, singer specialized in the Corsican tradition at “Tracce della Tradizione Orale”, based on Italian manuscripts of the 14th and 15th Century.

With Micrologus, she presents her new show -“Nostra Donna” directed by Toni Casalonga and with graphics by Ludovic Nobileau- on 18th Century Iberic repertoire at the Citè de la Musique in Paris, in February 2003.

In 2004 Bovi is -with Micrologus- resident artist at Anverse’s Flanders Festival “Laus Polyphoniae 2004″. She also conducts the research behind the show “Festa Fiorentina…per Contar di Frottole” directed by Maurizio Schmidt, co-produced by the Flanders Festival and presented at numerous festivals, among which Brezice , Estivoce Corsica, Arezzo and the Ancient Music Festival in Bruges.

In 2004 she participates with the Giovanna Marini Quartet at “La Tour de Babele”, produced by the Vidy Theatre of Losanna, on the playbill at the Teatro Eliseo in Rome in Feb. 2005. The year 2004 sees the release of “Le Jeu de Robin et Marion (Zig Zag territories) while in 2005 come out Francesco Landini’s “Fior di Dolcezza” and the commemorative cd “Alla Festa Leggiadra”, dedicated to music in the time of Boccaccio, again with the Micrologus Ensemble.

In 2005 she begins an artistic collaboration with Maestro Claudio Veneri for the production of a program on Mozart’s Lieders played at the fortepiano following 16th Century execution standards.

She is currently working -with a number of European institutions- at an international project on the teaching of medieval music. She has been a consultant for CERIMM (European Centre for Research and Interpretation of Medieval Music).Bovi has devised a method of teaching medieval singing relative to traditional music and has held Master Classes in Italy and abroad (listed below).

  • Ancient Music Course,Urbino 1997,1998, 1999,2000,2001,2002
  • Centre Europeen pour la recherche et l’interpretation des Musiques Medievales
  • Master Classes on 12th Century Italian Music, 1997 Fondation Royaumont Paris
  • Master Class “La vocalità nelle Cantigas de S. Maria” la Citè de la Musique, Paris, Feb. 1999
  • Master class on 15th Century Laudas at the “Centre de Musiques Medievales de Paris”, Feb. 2000
  • Master Class on the Laudario di Cortona, Festival deer Vlaanderen Anversa, Aug. 2000
  • European Course of Professional Formation for Choir Directors -Musica Sacra Stroncone June-Oct. 2000
  • Professional Formation Course, Fondation Royaumont 2002, Tillbourg University (Holland) *Stage on the Thirteenth Century Lauda Feb. 2003
  • Master class on 15th Century Italian Vocal Music, Anverse “Laus Polyphonie2004”
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